What is your blogging focus?

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I’ve just got time to add a quick post because I wanted to share with you this comment I got from someone I have been communicating with via LinkedIn to help them with their blog:

“I love your blog so much I just added it to my blogroll on my blog. It really helped me. So many people tried to give me advice, but it was all too complicated. Thanks for putting this stuff in easy to understand language for us newbies. I hope your blog helps others as well.”

Now can you provide a comment that sums up your objectives for having a blog? I know some of you won’t be blogging for a purpose, solely for the pure pleasure of it, but ideally it is wise to have something to focus on when you are writing your blogs, even only to give your posts structure.

My focus is to help beginner bloggers create, start up, survive and succeed with their blogs. Every time I manage this I feel I have achieved a job well done. Certainly Connie is on the right track – long may it continue.

So what is your blogging focus?

Update from 20 April 2011:

I received another comment from a contented blogger which I would like to share with you:

“Your blog is my absolute favorite. I have learned so much from your helpful advice. I am new to blogging and writing. At first my blog was going to be about my unwritten memoir but as I got into it I have written about past present and future and little things in between. I thank you for your dedication in helping folks like me become better in the blogging world. Thanks a million!”

This is so gratifying to hear I am helping these beginner bloggers get their blogs off the ground. Keep ’em coming…

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