What uses do password protected and private pages have?

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There is a lot more than just writing posts in blogging. Even in a WordPress.com blog there are extended facilities not many people realise are available, or know what to do with them.

My analytics revealed a lot of interest in password protected and private pages. This is quite exciting, as it allows WordPress users to create a simple membership-only portion in their blog; somewhere where only invited readers are allowed to access and read the contents within.

I first came across this idea from another blogger, who used his e-newsletter to communicate to his followers, informing them that only they, as special members of his list, were allowed to have a password that unlocked specific pages in his blog to learn the vital information they contained.

This favouritism certainly worked on me, and I felt honoured to be party to this secret system. It was a clever ploy to keep me in the fold and make me feel special, to ensure I would value the information he was allowing access to, and to maintain the concept that even though it was free to me, it might not be so to others.

If this was used within a WordPress.org blog, there could be some monetary value added towards the access criteria, or it could merely be a practical resource to enhance an ‘Inner Circle’ type membership, which a coach may have set up for specific clients in certain fields.

And once past the main password protected page, there could be a veritable maze of protected pages available for individual members, each containing sensitive and confidential material only available to those who know how to gain access.

And private pages? Their contents are only visible to Administrators who have access to the Dashboard within the blog, so I suppose if the blog was a complicated and intricate website, with much information to conceal from the outside world, then they would be valuable here.

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