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I spent most of last Saturday messing about with a new theme for this blog. I wanted to see what it would be like to have the two sidebars on the left rather than on the right.

So I found a suitable theme (there aren’t many around with two left-hand sidebars) and set to work to change it to suit what I wanted. The original was far too thin, with narrow sidebars and an extremely deep banner, not to mention red rather than purple (a mere discrepancy easily overcome). I even redesigned my promotional squares to fit into the most left sidebar and was prepared to rearrange the widgets to fit.

But when I ‘previewed’ the new theme after I had loaded it up into FileZilla, I was disappointed. To me it seemed all wrong for a blog to have its sidebars in the most prominent position, with the posts placed secondary. The posts are the blog, so they should take centre stage, as these are the main thing people want to see and read. They shouldn’t be distracted by the sidebars, even if they are stuffed full of interesting and relevant content (as mine usually are).

So let’s take a look.  The first picture is the theme I have at present (January 2011) with the sidebars on the right:

And below it is the alternative theme with its left sidebars:

Looking at it now I could easily reduce the depth of the banner and even swap over the image and words to reflect the repositioning of the sidebars, but I’m still not sure whether that would make it better.

The reason for my dilemma is that blogging gurus declare how much more appropriate it is to have your sidebars on the left, especially if they contain call to actions such as subscription sign up forms and links to relevant information elsewhere (both inside the site or externally).

If your blog, website or blogsite has been created purely as a medium to promote the content of your sidebars, then yes I would agree. But an ordinary blog should concentrate solely on its posts, as that is what blogging is all about, communicating the written word to its audience without distractions and superfluous material getting in the way.

What do you think about this? Let me know through the comment box below –

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