Why active blogs are more attractive

Which person is more attractive, a muscle-bound athlete bouncing around a running track or a couch-potato in a curry-strewn vest slouched in front of the TV?

Which does your blog represent?

Is it brimming with well-written content that provides its readers with added value, or is it a dark, neglected and forgotten site whose last post was written over six months ago?

Is your blog stuffed with things for its visitors to do, such as subscribe to new posts or sign up for a newsletter, or does its sidebars contain little extra content apart from showing a list of ‘recent’ posts?

Are there any incentives to entice the visitors to venture further into the blog to read more content, or does the navigation bar only offer a partially completed About page?

Does the banner say exactly what the subject is about and provide contact details in full view, or does the visitor have to hunt high and low to find anything that represents an email or telephone number?

Give them something to do!

It’s pretty obvious that a blog that provides plenty of calls to action will be more attractive to its visitors. Once they have landed on the site, realised they have come to the right place, and understood and appreciated the subject or content on offer, it would be a shame for them to leave never to be seen again.

There are a number of incentives to retain a blog visitor or capture their details for future communication to entice them to return. Whatever method is used, as long as the blog provides added value and helpful and worthwhile content, visitors will be willing to come back to see new posts whenever they are published.

Keep the momentum up!

And keep the engagement momentum going by asking them to leave a comment, providing share buttons onto their social media platforms, and showing Twitter streams and Facebook Page like boxes that not only prove the author is active on social media, but encourages them to connect as well.

A happy, healthy blog that is a constant source of new content is instantly more attractive to both readers and search engines alike. Don’t forget that internet spiders are just as likely to be repelled by cobweb strewn pages that have been crawled many moons ago, so much so that these blogs will fall off their radar and may take time before they are visited again.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me how active your blogs are and how this is attractive to your visitors. 

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Alice Elliott writes the award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She provides simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Visit her new Beginner Bloggers blog to find her latest learning resources.
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