Why I’ve entered my first blog awards

National UK Blog Awards

I’m very excited to have entered this blog into the National UK Blog Awards. I’ve been promoting it extensively on Twitter for the past month, and have managed to get over 250 retweets (though this doesn’t signify how many votes I have received).

Why have I done this? Well, to be blunt, I would like to get more eyeballs on this blog to increase its reach throughout the blogging world. Even though it has been in existence since 2009, I still think it has been lacking enough visitors which I should have gained during that time. This year (2014) I shall be researching and implementing as much time and energy as I can to increase the awareness of this blog and what it represents, so that more people get to know about Fairy Blog Mother’s newbie, beginner and intermediary e-courses to help more UK bloggers start their blogging careers with a secure foundation and good blogging knowledge.

I’ve also been interviewed by one of my past clients, Lindsay McLoughlin, and she has written a wonderful post about me and Fairy Blog Mother and what I’m doing this year.

I’m very keen to do more guest blogging. I know there has been a kurfuffle about guest blogging recently because Matt Cutts from Google got his wires a bit mixed trying to explain that Google is going to come down heavily on spam via guest blogging for SEO. But my reasons for guest blogging are to raise awareness about Fairy Blog Mother and get more people to experience my writing and read what I’ve got to say. Since I shall be writing original posts specifically tailored for each outlet, and will not be stuffing them full of keywords or outgoing links, I hope that combined with my successful claim for Google Authorship this will make a good impression within the blogosphere. If you have a blog that could benefit from a guest post by me, please contact me.

In the meantime my next aim is to get shortlisted in the National UK Blog Awards, for any of the categories. Just achieving that objective will make me very proud, because frankly it will be something I can boast about! Perhaps this may be newsworthy enough to get a press release published in my local newspaper, and I can certainly make a big fuss about it all over my social media profiles! Watch this space!

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