Why reading other people’s blogs is important too

Optimise your blogBlogging isn’t always a lonely pastime, it is also sociable. In fact, this is positively a good thing, and should be encouraged. There is a whole world out there full of bloggers, all busily writing their posts, carving out a space in their niches and delivering their messages to their readers.

Therefore this wonderful source of information and inspiration should not be ignored. Blogs are perfect for fact finding, learning new stuff, market research and even a networking opportunity. Take time to find out more about these authors, how they tick, their styles and techniques, and bask in the glory of their expertise and knowledge.

You can find the most popular and optimised blogs through Google Alerts and other RSS mechanisms, and use other research methods such as hashtags in Twitter and keyword search criteria within a particular subject. Join lots of groups in Facebook and LinkedIn and read the contributions there. Sign up to social bookmarking sites and wallow through the content on offer; there is heaps to read within your chosen niche, offering a prime reason to socialise and communicate.

Being sociable by reading, commenting, reviewing and recommending other blogs will eventually draw attention to your own blog. If your desire is to increase traffic to your blog, this is an excellent method. The power of commenting is often overlooked by visitors, a missed opportunity to link back to your blog, and even your latest post with the correct plugins in place.

Be positive, considerate, polite, constructive and communicative. Don’t go on about yourself or your business or link heavily to your product, or you could be marked down as spam. There are enough annoying people out there without you adding to them. Instead if you leave a well-written, enthusiastic and relevant continuation of the post in the form of a conversation, this will be greatly appreciated, and warrant a good reply. Remember search engines mark comments as new content too, so as well as hoisting the blog higher in the optimisation stakes, they will more than likely visit your blog through your comment’s link.

Another thing about keeping abreast of what other bloggers write, is that you find out the latest trends, which keywords are in vogue, the ground-breaking subject-matter that is causing the latest stir. If you’re canny you’ll take this information on board and write your own version, thus stealing a march on the popularity wave and capturing the attention of the search engines. It will also set you as an up-to-date thought-leader in your niche, always a good thing if you want to impress your current and future readers.

And once you’ve struck up your new relationships with your blogger friends, who knows where it might lead to. Guest blogging is an excellent way of increasing your reader base, as well as presenting your posts to a larger audience. Blogging carnivals are another way of increasing your post exposure. Sharing your posts on social networking sites will work via interaction and continued conversation, plus using the same procedure for the bookmarking sites, and your increased sociability will stand you in good stead and more blogging popularity.

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Vinnie - 23 September 2013

Nice post. I read blogs – lots of blogs, even topics i have no real intrest in 🙂

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