Why start a blog in 2018?

why start a blog in 2018

Guest post by Brooke Fawkner. 

One thing blogging has done is given us a platform for public journaling in a totally unique way.

To be publicly published before blogging, you had to get approval from the powers that be. Now it’s easy to think why start a blog because everybody can do it. Nobody can stop your thoughts or what you write from being published, and anyone can see them if you want them to.

However, the market still decides who gets recognition and who doesn’t. Because the bar of entry has been lowered, the bar for quality has been raised.

Bloggers are constantly challenged to create quality content for money, rankings, and make a living from their hobbies and adventures. This has resulted in blogging mattering more than ever. Look where it is in our modern age and what it can do for your life.

The relevancy of blogging in 2018

Why start a blog at all? Well, believe it or not, people still read blogs in 2018.

Normal people can become relatable thought leaders that people want to invest their time in. Readers become donors, and pretty soon you’ve built a network of followers who keep you afloat because they like what you create. However, no blog can be monetised to its fullest potential without being both original and good.

A good place to start is by asking yourself the question “What kind of blog do people need?” If there are blogs already and effectively meeting that demand, then don’t join the herd.

Find something people really need and give it for them. You can’t write half-hearted content and expect people to get on board. This generation has a very high BS meter; if your words aren’t coming from an honest or passionate place, readers will know. Without originality or purpose, your blog will get lost in the mix.

So if you’re thinking why start a blog, don’t create a one a run-of-the-mill blog. Content is king, and good kings have quality and substance.

Why start a blog with monetisation options

Starting a blog is really the same as taking on a second job or starting a company on the side, similar to a side hustle perhaps. So then, the rules of starting a side hustle apply to your blog if you’re looking to monetise it.

Test your business model on a small scale, do proper market research, and build up relationships with clientele (or in this case your readers). This doesn’t solve the problem of monetising your blog, but is more along the lines of how to set it up. Monetisation involves using your blog as a platform and expanding to other activities.

Activities that can become monetised can vary. To being with, merchandising to your following isn’t a bad idea. It’s similar to independent music fandoms; people love wearing things that represent niche content and indicate to other fans that they’re on the same team.

And guest blogging opportunities can create clout as well, and hopefully people will come to you rather than having to find those opportunities yourself. Also if you have a popular how-to blog, you may even find it works as credibility toward advisory jobs and counselling ventures.

Personal branding and resume building

As well as monetising your brand for other people’s blogs, blogging provides the experience for other jobs. Such as your communication skills; the ability to voice your thoughts in a relatable way, and writing skills all look great on a resume. The best part is at this point you’ll be self-made. Not only will you have skills, you’ll have the drive.

Start building your personal brand, or your public persona. This means influencing how you’re perceived online. Enable comments and respond to them, because this will help you establish a personable reputation. Remember good manners will increase your longevity, and network to make good connections, because recommendations, both in public and in private, can make a world of difference.

What’s your experience once you thought why start a blog in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

About the author

brooke faulknerBrooke Faulkner is your typical internet nerd. She loves all things technical and is an avid consumer of science podcasts (eh hem, radiolab anyone?). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found chasing her boys around the house with the vacuum. Follow her on Twitter.

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