Why you should blog instead of clean your house

Another guest blog for you, this time by Stella Benett

As our lives have developed, some of us have been finding new hobbies, new ways we can deal with our growing range of activities.

Blogging is one of those excellent activities and it has much to offer, especially if you’re willing to give it all you’ve got. House cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, oven cleaning, home chores of all kinds and so many other things can be put on hold. Let someone else do the heavy lifting, a cleaning company or something would do.

Why should you do that? Well there is a very good reason why blogging trumps many other activities you can do around your home. Don’t believe us? Let’s shed some light on the subject matter:

It makes you a better writer

One thing people often forget is that writing is communication at its core.

It happens to be one of the most excellent ways of putting ideas to a written medium and having others experience, process and share them and your skill will improve with practice, up to a point where you will have confidence and skill you can count on.

Becoming a better writer will also make you a better communicator, so it’s a win-win scenario all the way.

It promotes rational and logical analysis

You will become better at processing ideas, whether it is by pure thought or on paper, blogging will encourage you to be more creative, to scout for information and apply it in new ways. It will stimulate your analytical side, allowing you to view your world in new ways and shapes.

A lot of people tend to shy away from blogging because they think they have nothing to say or the world won’t care what they have to share. Wrong. Try it, expand your worldview and find new ways you can grow as a person. Surprise yourself with how much you don’t know about the world and you will see things anew.

You will be more vigilant

As anyone who had to deal with ideas, processing them requires a certain state of mind and mental focus if you want to succeed. Blogging allows you to filter out a lot of the chatter around you and to shape your ideas into a finer point, nailing things you want to express or share with the world.

This is a completely different medium from writing a novel or short stories, so you would do well to keep that in mind.

It will focus your attention and problem-solving skills

It will also lead to getting time, commitment and discipline figured out into your daily routines. These are things you will learn to embrace if you want to be a successful blogger, as they will be what makes or breaks your blog.

This will give you a chance to be more focused on your tasks and to learn how to keep at them without losing heart and letting it all go. Remember: No one can destroy your dream but you.

Stella Benett is a 32 years old passionate blogger and freelancer but before all she is a lovely mother and wife. As every housewife Stella has no free time and often does a lot of things at the same time. If you need a professional floor and carpet cleaning help – contact: Deep Carpet Cleaning in Haringey.

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  • I think I’ve become an addict in blogging and writing articles. I’m just beginning but I’m far from done. I have noticed my patients have extended when it comes to problem solving. It’s very intriguing to read others opinions and give an give feedback about my own. I split up my time cleaning and blogging.

  • Hi, I absolutely hate cleaning! I mean I like having a clean home but I hate doing it!
    Just like you, I much prefer writing and working on my various blogs!
    Thanks for a great article remindering us all of the importance of writing down our thoughts 🙂


  • Hi, you are asking the right question on your blog. Home cleaning and blog writing both need excellence. Those, who can make their homes beautiful, can make their blog beautiful too. It’s all about decorating and designing. It’s like that if someone creates a blog but does not allow commenting on it, then the blog is missing something.

  • I 100% can’t agree more that everyone should blog than clean, especially if you are a parent. Blogging not only helps you to de-stress and gives you a opportunity of expression, but if you a working parent and juggling the kids, the bills, making time for friends, partner, the dog and bloody cleaning the house one can go mental and most do in the UK…

    Blogging not only gives you plenty of skills that you can use in life, but can help your wellbeing, plus why not pay someone to clean your house – isn’t your sanity, your wellbeing and your form of expressing oneself through blogging is worth more than 30 to 40 quid you pay for cleaners?

    • Thanks for your comment. In your case having mummies blogging all day and not having enough time to clean their house certainly will give house cleaners a chance to earn some money.

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