Why you should start thinking in questions

think in questions


There’s a question. Google constantly researches into how it can provide a better service for its customers (in fact, how it can make more money), and it has found out that people are now thinking of the internet in questions.

When people search on Google, they don’t type in single words into the search fields any more, they type in questions. This is because there are so many websites now on the net (several billion), single keywords are not enough to find out what you want. Questions which contain lots of keywords achieve a better result, because it increases the chance of getting what you are looking for.

Therefore you need to adjust your way of thinking on your websites into questions. Change your headlines on your webpages into questions, it may just tally with a search request; this can become a very simple SEO (search engine optimisation) method.

Questions actually focus more succinctly with the needs and wants of the customer. They also strike a chord with the reader, especially if the response is ‘Yes!’. Adapt the headlines of your blog posts and articles too, it makes the subject more conversational and is more likely to be noticed and read. And this is important for RSS (the subscription feed service) reasons, because it will encourage a higher readership and therefore more exposure, especially within social networking sites.

Ask questions, strike a chord, create an affinity, understand your customer, start to succeed!

Alice Elliott
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  • It’s funny you should say this – it was one of my tips in the 299 Steps to Heaven ebook that was released early in 2008 – maybe I’m ahead of my time LOL!

    “Tip #24 – everything
    A bit of a different tactic is to use questions as well as keyphrases.
    So, what questions would your clients be asking?
    – How do I do my self assessment tax return?
    – How do I get a stain out of a white carpet?
    – How do I get higher Google listings?
    – Where can I find a unique Christening gift?
    – How do I fit a radiator?
    – What do I do to generate more business leads?
    – Which fireworks company is best?

    Get the picture?
    Use the question in your title and tags, and answer it in the body of the

    Voila – another content page added to your site, more valuable information for
    your visitors and a whacking great promo for you all at the same time!”

  • Thanks Nikki, the tip about putting questions (the same or similar to the question in the headline) in the tag field as well as keywords and key-phrases is very valuable. Much appreciated. Alice

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