5 best WooCommerce shipping plugins

WooCommerce shipping plugins

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Efficient shipping solutions are crucial for WooCommerce stores, meaning a seamless customer experience and the timely delivery of products. WooCommerce shipping plugins act as catalysts in optimising and automating various shipping tasks.

They empower store owners to hide WooCommerce shipping methods that may not be relevant to their business, simplifying the checkout process for customers.

WooCommerce shipping plugins enhance the shipping process by offering advanced features and functionalities.

As a result, these plugins offer various benefits, including real-time shipping rates, label printing, order tracking, and seamless integration with popular shipping carriers.

This blog post will explore the top 5 WooCommerce shipping plugins that can revolutionise your shipping operations and streamline your business.

The top 5 WooCommerce shipping plugins

1.    Add custom shipping icons and hide shipping methods plugin

Our first choice is add custom shipping icons and hide shipping methods. This plugin has a lot of benefits and features to offer a seamless shopping experience for customers. It’s a powerful tool to customise and optimise shipping methods according to your business needs.


  • Hide shipping methods: It allows you to hide WooCommerce shipping methods that are irrelevant or unsuitable for your store, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly checkout process.
  • Hide other shipping methods when free shipping is available: You can automatically hide other shipping options when free shipping is applicable, guiding customers towards the most cost-effective choice.
  • Add custom shipping icons and descriptions: Customise the visual representation of shipping methods by adding attractive and eye-catching icons and informative descriptions, making your cart and checkout pages visually appealing.
  • Customise shipping icon position, icon size, text, and text colours: This plugin provides flexibility in positioning the shipping icons, adjusting their size, and modifying text styles and colours to match your store’s branding.

Benefits of using this plugin:

  • Improved shipping process: By displaying specific shipping methods, you can guide customers towards the most suitable options, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Attractive custom shipping icons: Adding custom shipping icons adds visual appeal to your cart and checkout pages, making them more engaging and professional.
  • Refined shopping experience: With the ability to hide irrelevant shipping methods, customers can focus on the options that best meet their requirements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable shopping journey.
  • Region and product-based shipping restrictions: This plugin enables you to restrict certain shipping options based on specific regions or products, allowing you to optimise your shipping strategy and tailor it to your target audience.

In short, it empowers and enhances the shipping experience because it allows customisation, hides irrelevant shipping methods, and enhances checkout. With its benefits and features, you can refine your customer shopping journey and optimise your shipping operations.

2.   ShipExpress: streamlining WooCommerce shipping with automation and integration

When it comes to robust shipping automation and seamless integration with WooCommerce, ShipExpress takes the spotlight. This powerful plugin offers a range of features designed to optimise your shipping process and provide a smoother checkout experience. Let’s explore the standout capabilities of ShipExpress.


  • Robust shipping automation capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce.
  • Ability to easily hide WooCommerce shipping methods that don’t fit your business model.
  • Smoother checkout experience with streamlined shipping options.
  • Batch label printing for efficient order fulfilment.
  • Comprehensive order tracking functionality.
  • Real-time tracking information for enhanced transparency.
  • Flexible shipping rules are based on weight, dimensions, and destination.
  • Customised shipping options to meet specific requirements.
  • Accurate shipping rates for reliable service.
  • Improved efficiency in managing and processing shipments.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through a seamless shipping experience.


  • Improved shipping process with streamlined and relevant shipping options.
  • Enhanced customer experience through a smoother checkout process.
  • Reduction in customer confusion by hiding irrelevant shipping methods.
  • Time-saving batch label printing feature for efficient order fulfilment.
  • Increased operational efficiency in managing and processing shipments.
  • Accurate and reliable order tracking for better transparency and customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility to set up customised shipping rules based on specific factors.
  • Tailored shipping options to meet unique business requirements.
  • Optimisation of shipping rates for cost-effective shipping strategies.
  • Integration with popular shipping carriers for a broader range of shipping options.
  • Simplified management of shipping-related tasks for improved productivity.
  • Attractive and professional shipping presentation with customised

ShipExpress is a top-notch WooCommerce shipping plugin, thanks to its robust shipping automation capabilities and seamless integration. With its ability to hide WooCommerce shipping methods that don’t align with your business model, along with features like batch label printing, order tracking, and flexible shipping rules, ShipExpress streamlines your shipping operations and enhances the overall customer experience.

3.   ShipPro: simplify shipping processes with seamless integration

When it comes to simplifying shipping processes, ShipPro is a standout in transforming your WooCommerce store with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. It offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your shipping operations.

One of the key functionalities of ShipPro is its ability to hide WooCommerce shipping methods that do not apply to your store.

Furthermore, ShipPro streamlines the checkout process and presents only relevant options to avoid confusion when buying a product. You can also have real-time rates to access accurate and up-to-date shipping costs. As a result, it helps customers make an informed decision.

The plugin also offers convenient label printing capabilities, allowing you to generate shipping labels effortlessly. This time-saving feature enables you to process orders quickly and efficiently, ensuring prompt fulfilment.

Additionally, ShipPro integrates seamlessly with major shipping carriers, eliminating the need for manual data entry and automating the shipping process. This integration simplifies label generation, order tracking, and shipping updates, resulting in smoother and more streamlined shipping operations.

In summary, ShipPro is a powerful shipping plugin that simplifies shipping processes for WooCommerce stores. With its ability to hide irrelevant shipping methods, user-friendly interface, real-time shipping rates, label printing, and seamless integration with major shipping carriers, ShipPro empowers you to optimise your shipping operations and provide a seamless customer experience.

4.   ShipGenius: enhance shipping efficiency with advanced management tools

When it comes to optimising shipping efficiency, ShipGenius is a powerful shipping plugin that equips your WooCommerce store with advanced shipping management tools. With its features, ShipGenius empowers you to streamline your shipping processes and tailor the shipping options to your business requirements.

One of the standout capabilities of ShipGenius is its ability to hide WooCommerce shipping methods, allowing you to customise the options based on your unique needs. This feature ensures that your customers only see the relevant shipping choices, reducing clutter and improving the overall checkout experience.

ShipGenius supports convenient label printing, enabling you to generate shipping labels effortlessly. This feature saves you time and simplifies the order fulfilment process, ensuring efficient handling of shipments.

ShipGenius also provides access to discounted shipping rates from popular carriers. This feature helps you save costs on shipping while maintaining reliable and efficient delivery services.

In summary, ShipGenius is a comprehensive shipping plugin that enhances shipping efficiency through advanced management tools. With its ability to hide WooCommerce shipping methods, label printing, order tracking, and discounted shipping rates from popular carriers, ShipGenius empowers you to optimise your shipping processes, improve customer satisfaction, and maximise cost savings.

5.   ShipWise: revolutionise shipping processes with intelligent automation

Introducing ShipWise, our last in number and a groundbreaking shipping plugin that brings intelligent automation and seamless integration to your WooCommerce store.

With its innovative features, ShipWise transforms your shipping processes, simplifies the checkout experience, and ensures smooth operations.

ShipWise empowers you to hide WooCommerce shipping methods unsuitable for your store. Customising the available shipping options allows you to streamline the checkout process and present only the most relevant choices to your customers. This eliminates confusion and enhances the overall shopping experience.

With ShipWise, you gain access to efficient label printing capabilities, allowing you to generate shipping labels easily. This feature saves time and streamlines your order fulfilment process, ensuring timely shipment processing.

ShipWise also provides robust order-tracking functionality, allowing you and your customers to track shipments in real time. This visibility improves communication and customer satisfaction.

In summary, ShipWise is a revolutionary shipping plugin that leverages intelligent automation and integration to optimise your shipping processes.

With its ability to hide WooCommerce shipping methods, real-time shipping rates, label printing, and order tracking, ShipWise empowers you to deliver a seamless shipping experience while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Final thoughts on WooCommerce shipping plugins

In conclusion, the world of WooCommerce shipping plugins is vast, but these top 5 plugins truly stand out in their ability to transform and elevate your shipping processes. From hiding WooCommerce shipping methods to intelligent automation and integration, each plugin brings unique features and benefits to enhance your store’s efficiency and customer experience.

With these top 5 WooCommerce shipping plugins, you can take your store’s shipping capabilities to new heights, ensuring that each package reaches its destination with speed, accuracy, and a touch of seamless professionalism.

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