The balance of work and life when starting a new blog

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A guest post by Han-Son. 

Deciding to start a new blog is a rather exciting prospect. Here is an opportunity to share your passion and area of expertise with a whole new audience. A way to connect with other bloggers and communities, and you can even expand your own knowledge by sharing and researching new tips and tricks related to your chosen topic.

The first leap actually making the decision to start your blog. The next is deciding your topic and how the blog is going to look. Write about what you’re passionate about – parenting, gardening, knitting, interior decorating. Whatever it is, the only chance you have of making a success of your blog is to write about what you love.

You should then spend some time deciding on a range of subjects and titles you’ll be releasing on your new blog in the first few weeks. This is to ensure that there’s plenty of relevant and interesting content to keep your audience reading, commenting and sharing your work.

Work and life balance of a dad blogger…

From a dad blog perspective, why not write about your child’s birth from your own perspective? Or share some top birth partner tips from your own experience? These are titles that attract attention and interaction due to its individuality.

One of the most important considerations when starting your blog is to promote it! Tell your friends and family that you’ve started a blog (they’re likely to share to their own friends and family, especially if they too are dads that are keen to learn from others).

You should also search and join relevant groups across a range of social media platforms. There are thousands of local and national communities across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are dedicated to specific areas, who are all looking to help each other.

Getting the work and life balance right

However, starting and growing a blog takes time, patience and dedication. Don’t expect to gain a massive following overnight. It can take months and even years to build a returning and loyal audience.

Make sure you’re realistic with getting your work and life balance right for you in terms of releasing high quality content. Your readers will be able to spot a poor-quality blog by the lack of attention of detail, which could have an impact on your reputation as being a credible dad blog.

Here are some of the key lessons that I’ve learnt since launching my very own dad blog – hopefully they’ll be of great benefit to you and your own blog!

Be realistic with your time

You should spend time planning your blog, titles and images according to how busy your work and life is. If you can reasonably plan two blogs a week, then you should do so and continue your routine. You could even write a blog about how you balance your time effectively between work and life in general – I’m sure that I could have used the tips and advice!

In the early days of launching my blog, I put way too much pressure on myself to release countless blogs every week that weren’t great quality which looking back, definitely would have impacted my credibility.

Make time for you

Life can feel slightly overwhelming at times – it’s tough to run a household, care for the kids, work, without even thinking about your blog. This has never been truer when considering the current pandemic that has gripped our world over the past few months.

I’ve found that during these difficult times, the best thing I can do is to get out into the fresh air, take a walk or walk the dog without your phone, look around you and breathe deeply – trust me, you won’t regret it! One of the favourite past times recently has been for my son to get on his kids scooter, and we explore lots of new walks.

Do something you really enjoy, whatever it may be, and know that this overwhelming feeling is temporary and your work and life balance will improve and get better.

Connect online

There’s a great deal of work that goes into writing and maintaining a blog so it’s only natural to want to share your hard graft. I’ve certainly learnt how important it is to build great relationships with other dad bloggers out there.

Many of us are part of the same groups, we share and comment on each other’s work, show support and I’d even call some my dear friends. Try to spend some time browsing social media – you may be surprised to find some local parenting groups that are looking for dad bloggers who are willing to share their experiences.

Enjoy the work and life balance of your blog!

Writing a blog should be a fun, creative outlet for you so make sure you take the time to enjoy the process of writing and growing your site. Share content that you’re passionate about, connect with other bloggers and who knows? Your blog may even grow to become the site to visit to learn all there is to know about your chosen area!

About the author

Han-SonHan-Son Lee is the founder of DaddiLife – the UK’s leading platform for Millennial dads, with over 150,000 fathers in the community. He is an avid campaigner for flexible working, as well as a number of other parental areas including Shared Parental Leave.

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