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I regularly read blogs that praise WordPress and say what a fantastic blogging platform it is. But generally it is they are talking about, the sophisticated version that is independently hosted, and can perform in total synchrony with your website, or even become your whole website!

Unfortunately you need to pay to host it, it needs someone who understands how to build it and it can take a long time to set up. Even so, once completed, the results are totally professional, it collaborates extremely successfully with search engines, and is very much worthwhile the expenditure.

But this doesn’t help the blogging sceptics. There are plenty out there that are uncomfortable about starting a blog, are not sure of the expense, their business may have only have a budget, or they would like to find out more about WordPress before making a commitment.

Enter, the ‘free’ version hosted by WordPress that can be set up in minutes. Its minimal expenses are to activate Akismet, the ‘spam eater’, and if you want to convert the URL WordPress gives you to one of your own.

Here is a blogging platform ideally suited to enable you to ‘practice’ blogging before embarking into this social networking world. By creating a blog you will be able to learn how to fully use the platform, discover all the tricks there are available, excel in the intricacies of blogging and enjoy producing a fully-operational blog with the minimum of fuss.

OK, there are some restrictions: you can’t advertise or sell from a blog, as the blog police will close you down. Only certain forms of HTML code are accepted (RSS, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc) so it is not a medium to make money. This kind of blog should be used only to education, entertain and publicise your business.

But if you want to create a blog to practice blogging or somewhere to dip your toe into the blogging world before expanding into more elaborate and profitable realms, then is the answer.

And remember, if you want to eventually create a blog in the future, it is extremely easy to transfer the contents of your blog over to it without losing a thing! After all, they are run by the same people!

If you want to know how to set up a blog, my visual e-courses are available free on this website. Just click here to make a blog or explore the links on my sidebar.

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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

She has also been scrutinising the benefits of commenting on blogs and social media for both individuals and businesses for a decade.

She offers web design with empathetic encouragement and understanding.

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