Why writing is like gardening

Here’s guest post from Karen Pierce for you to enjoy:

There are many similarities between gardening and writing for those with the eyes to see them, but one thing is most prominent among both activities – they require hard work and dedication to succeed in the long run, paired with gentle care and understanding of the subject matter.

The following points will explain how both share similarities and how we can find inspiration in each of them so we can get better at what we do:

Gardening and writing are all about the big picture

Now one thing is certain – both activities require a great amount of planning to pull off. If you happen to do both of them as part of your living, then you may notice how they can flow into each other as your life goes on.

Gardens are made with planning in mind, especially if you happen to be a person who likes the visual arts, but one thing you can agree upon is that writing a story or an article carries the same care and understanding it takes to have the patience to gently usher a new life from the soil and see it grow and bloom in the light of day.

Much like lawn care requires trimming and hedging, weed control and careful gardening, writing requires information gathering, sifting through data, facts and rumors to forge the ideas from all of this into something coherent and easily relatable by all who read it.

The little details shared between both

There are plenty of small details to worry about with small seedlings struggling in rain, wind and sunlight to grow and thrive in the light, possibly becoming large and strong plants as time goes by.

Just like this, writing possesses the same attention to detail needed to make sure your works thrive in the long run. Depending on what kind of writing you do, your articles, books or stories will also need to extend their roots toward the very ground that feeds them – the human mind.

Much like plants, your works may one day blossom to become a center of human attention, basking in the sun of popularity and giving fruit for those around them, spreading their ideas like seeds.

Patience is key to growth

Much like the tender beginnings of seedlings need patience, care and love, writing your own work requires the same approach.

The scenes you create, the information you share over the course of time will help become the food for thought of the final form of your work, just like all seedlings need care to become majestic plants. To reach the destination at the end of the road, you will need to walk that road first.

The goal is the fruit of your labours

You can’t always control the outcome of what you do; it is much the same with writing as it is with plants. Your works won’t always flourish, the conditions may not always be right for them to grow and some will wither and die.

It is inevitable, such is the circle of life, such is the circle of ideas and information around the world. Keep that in mind, keep working hard and even as you fall sometimes, pick yourself up and remember that the end of the road holds the biggest prize you will ever have – your own success.

About the author: Karen Pierce is a 33-years-old blogger from London. Her big loves are her family and her dog. Karen has great flair for home improvement and garden design projects. Currently, Karen writes on behalf of Bayswater Landscape Gardeners.

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  • Ian says:

    An interesting comparison, I stumbled across this by accident and it made an interesting read, many thanks.

  • Adrienne says:

    I like that – “writing and gardening are both about the big picture”! As both a writer and a landscape enthusiast, I think that is such an eloquent way to put it. I agree – both take a lot of forethought and planning in order to produce a final product that is organized and formatted just the right way.

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