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What is the Fairy Blog Mother focusing on right now?

I'm taking a break to work on my latest project, which is to promote good and positive commenting, and also to explain why there is so much nastiness and negativity on the web right now, and what can be done about it. 

You can still find out more about me from the navigation tabs above, or from my old homepage, and contact me if you require my services.

Here are some categories about comments and commenting and how it can affect individuals and businesses, should you be interested. Just click on any icon below to find out more:

And here are the e-courses I have been working on. Just click on the image that interests you:

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Meanwhile I will continue to post on this blog, even if they are mainly guest posts:

Check out my latest blog posts here:

client slowdowns

Improving your website during client slowdowns

A guest post by Magnolia Potter.  The COVID-19 virus has devastated small businesses and caused client slowdowns, with millions of businesses in danger of

could security

What are the benefits of cloud security?

A guest post by Jessica Bullet. With so many businesses discovering the benefits of using the cloud, cloud security has become an important aspect

travel blogging

Travel blogging in a time without travel

A guest post by Lucy Miranda.  “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine

influencer marketing

15 remarkable tools for the influencer marketing process

Guest post by John Mark.  A survey conducted by Bigcommerce predicts the budget for influencer marketing will increase by 65% in 2020. This indicates

SEO Practices

What you need to know about SEO practices in 2020

A guest post by Andrew Raso.  Sydney is the largest Australian startup hub, with around 35% of the nation’s startups, which is followed by

business and blogging

7 strategies where business and blogging go hand-in-hand

A guest post by Carol Trehearn.  Any blog – whether it is brand new or widely-known – needs purpose and direction to be successful.

guest posting

A guide to guest posting

A guest post by Stuart Cooke.  There are a number of reasons you might want to do guest posting on another blog. One of

business results

How to achieve greater business results through social media marketing

A guest post by Amardeep Subadar. If you want to achieve greater business results, you need to start using social media marketing. Social media

wider audience

4 top tips to promoting your blog to a wider audience

A post by Carol Trehearn.  Blogging is one of the most popular marketing techniques to promote your company and brand message to a wider

word of mouth marketing

What is Word of Mouth marketing and how it can increase your sales

A guest post by Shivani Goyal.  Word of mouth marketing has produced miraculous results in boosting sales and overall business productivity in comparison to

promote on Facebook

How to promote on Facebook without being salesy

A guest post by Kathrin Garner.  When you are blogging, there is one thing you must be aware of – you need to write

monetise your blog

Non-writing skills which will help you monetise your blog

A guest post by Frankie Wallace.  It’s hard to launch a successful blog nowadays simply because you can write. You’ll need a variety of


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