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What is the Fairy Blog Mother focusing on right now?

I'm taking a break to work on my latest project, which is to promote good and positive commenting, and also to explain why there is so much nastiness and negativity on the web right now, and what can be done about it. 

You can still find out more about me from the navigation tabs above, or from my old homepage, and contact me if you require my services.

Here are some categories about comments and commenting and how it can affect individuals and businesses, should you be interested. Just click on any icon below to find out more:

And here are the e-courses I have been working on. Just click on the image that interests you:

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Meanwhile I will continue to post on this blog, even if they are mainly guest posts:

Check out my latest blog posts here:

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How a virtual assistant can make you a better blogger

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What are the main health concerns for bloggers?

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How to create a perfect free website for beginners in 2020?

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4 important things to know about social content marketing

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8 tips on how to connect with your blog readers

I’m pleased when I see questions on Quora asking how to connect with readers on a blog. These, of course, come from sensible new bloggers,

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6 business needs you must maintain to grow during a corporate crisis

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How user generated content can boost your marketing strategy

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How to build an effective social media marketing strategy

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11 ways to repurpose your videos

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6 reasons why your business needs a mobile-friendly website

A guest post by Marquis Matson.  Nowadays, people turn to the internet for lots of things, such as for entertainment, work, information, business or


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